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Deliver safer customer experiences, comply with social distancing guidelines and occupancy restrictions.

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People Counting App

A People Counting Solution as Innovative as You

DoorTally was designed to be industry agnostic and has been adopted by business offices, schools, retailers, fitness centers, restaurants and other venues.


Smart, Simple and Powerful

Mobile App for Counting People

DoorTally’s mobile app allows for counting entrances and exits across multiple devices, synced in real-time.

Occupancy Cloud Software

Manage and analzye your occupancy data to identify busiest locations, calculate staffing levels, or analyze space usage.

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Share Live Counts

Website Live Count Embed

Easily embed your current occupancy on your website with a single line of code.

Shareable Live Occupancy Link

Share your locations unique link to show your current count in real time.

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DoorTally Live Occupancy Website Embed

Occupancy Alerts

Real-Time Alerts

Send occupancy alerts directly and instantly to specific team members.

Custom Thresholds

Set customized occupancy alert notifications for every location.

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Automated Occupancy Tracking

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Device For Automated People Counting

Using DoorTally's Internet of Things (IoT) device, businesses can have automated occupancy tracking.

Easy Installation

The DoorTally device is mounted over a pathway and powered by a standard outlet or Power over Ethernet.

Advanced Technology

The onboard sensor captures and analyzes data utilizing machine learning to accurately track and record entrance and exit events.

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DoorTally Live Occupancy Sensor
Mobile App

Provide employees with a mobile app to track entry and exit activities.


Data is updated in real-team to ensure your team always has the right numbers.

Multiple Locations

Manage multiple locations such as shopping centers and multiple stores.

Data Export

Export your data in a variety of formats or stream it to your business systems.

Reports & Analytics

Use your data to understand your traffic numbers and generate reports.

User Permissions

Users can be assigned to specific locations with different levels of access.


Manage and deploy occupancy tracking across your entire organization.


Per Location

  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • Unlimited Users
  • Multiple Locations
  • Occupancy Threshold
  • Generate Reports
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Location?

We refer to a location as a place where you need to track occupancy. Examples could include multiple retail locations, classrooms or offices.

What is a User?

A user is someone who is given access to your account to use the mobile app or access the administrative portal.

No long term commitments

There is no required commitment term beyond one month. You can cancel at any time, just contact us.

What payment methods does DoorTally accept?

We are using Stripe as our payment merchant. You can set up a monthly subscription using Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

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