3 Methods for People Counting

3 Methods for People Counting

People counting is a useful tool for businesses to use in order to ensure safety and proper occupancy guidelines. While such devices are especially necessary as we navigate a global pandemic that requires limited social engagement and proper distancing, it can also be used to track metrics or simply ensure that the venue has not reached capacity.

There are numerous options in the market for people counting that may suit the needs of various businesses and industries. However, there are three core methods that are generally used for people counting tools. Let's go over the various types of people counting and why each is an effective option.

Manual Counting

Manual counting allows people to have hands-on control with simple methods such as pen and paper, clickers, or mobile apps. Some people may prefer this option if they want to be more involved in the people counting option if they're going to avoid more technologically driven options.

Pros Cons
Inexpensive Tedious
Readily available Will require on-going human involvement
Doesn't expose the business to unnecessary risks Has more opportunity for error
Price: The cost of manual counting may be weighed in terms of the cost per hour for a person to track the information and the cost of any associated app.


Sensors such as break beams and seat or desk sensors are options for people counting in particular situations. For example, if you want to know how long an employee is sitting at their desk, these sensors may work.

Pros Cons
Simply operated Battery life is limited and needs to be changed out regularly
Provides seat-specific data Maybe a privacy infringement if you connect data to a specific person
Medium cost
Price: It can be low cost but depends on the grade of the equipment. Some people prefer camera set-ups that come with a wide range of features. However, a simple camera may be just as effective for some businesses.


Cameras are a popular option among retail stores and corporate offices. Various smart camera options count people based on changes in pixels from one scene to the next. Customers may choose between facial or non-facial recognition per the needs of their environment.

Pros Cons
Generally considered an inexpensive option May feel invasive
Many options to choose from to customize the needs of the buyer Not always an excellent option for some company cultures
May include facial recognition and other valuable information Could expose you to risks of hacking
Price: Cameras can vary considerably in cost and will depend on the level of technology you prefer.

It may feel overwhelming to choose which type of method is best for your company. After all, you may want an option that combines a series of these methods into one easy-to-use option. That's where DoorTally comes in. DoorTally is a comprehensive solution for occupancy tracking get started to simplify your people counting today!

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