6 Benefits of Real-Time Occupancy Tracking

6 Benefits of Real-Time Occupancy Tracking

Real-time occupancy tracking is certainly a beneficial tool for many reasons, especially during a pandemic. There is so much valuable information that you can obtain by knowing how many people are inside your business so that you can make better safety and customer service experiences for everybody. Here are some of the benefits of real-time occupancy tracking and how it may help your business.

Reduces Spread of Diseases

During these uncertain times, the spread of disease is certainly at the forefront of people's minds. Fewer people in a facility means that there are fewer people who can spread an illness. You can keep a better handle on social distancing by tracking how many people are inside your store at any given time.

Improves Safety

Safety is an overall priority for all businesses. Understanding how many people are in your store at any given time will ensure that you can better protect both the public and your employees. Doing so guarantees that you don't have too many people inside your business, whether its employees or customers, will help you better maintain proper safety standards for all who enter your establishment.

Assists with Employee Scheduling

Having a handle on the number of people in your business and the hours of the day that they are most likely to be there will help you do appropriately schedule your employees. You certainly don't want your employees exposed to unnecessary risk. For instance, if you see an influx in customers during the afternoon hours, you'll know that you should schedule more employees during this busier timeframe.

Ensures Compliance

As we see with the COVID pandemic, many government regulations have been determined as far as social distancing and occupancy guidelines. A real-time occupancy tracker will ensure that your business does not have too many people inside at one time.

Enhances Customer Service

You may be able to use an occupancy tracker to identify useful information about your customer. Knowing your customer's habits can help you learn the best way to serve them.

Reduces Overhead Costs

It costs a lot of money for businesses to be open. The amount of overhead cost can range drastically, but typical costs include employee salaries, leasing the building, cost of utilities, and other business-specific costs associated with operation. If you have access to real-time occupancy tracking information, then you'll know which times of the day are the best for you to be in operation. For example, a retail store may use the data from real-time occupancy to determine if they have enough customer traffic to be open 24 hours per day.

There are so many benefits to the information you can obtain from occupancy tracking in your business. You can ensure safety while also saving valuable time and money. If you're searching for a real-time occupancy tracker, then consider DoorTally. DoorTally is a comprehensive solution for occupancy tracking Start a 7-day Free Trial today to simplify your people counting today!

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