Occupancy Tracking Software

Deliver safer customer experiences, comply with social distancing guidelines, and occupancy restrictions.

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People Counting App

A People Counting Solution as Innovative as You

DoorTally was designed to be industry agnostic and has been adopted by business offices, schools, retailers, fitness centers, restaurants, and other venues.

Improve Safety

Share occupancy data to employees, students, and customers before they enter a space.

Increase Security

Know what spaces are being used and when they are being used to deliver better experiences.

Ensure Compliance

Audit logs, analytics, exception reports and real-time alerting help get and stay compliant.

Mobile App

Provide employees with a mobile app to track entry and exit activities.


Data is updated in real-team to ensure your team always has the right numbers.

Multiple Locations

Manage multiple locations such as shopping centers and multiple stores.

Data Export

Export your data in a variety of formats or stream it to your business systems.

Reports & Analytics

Use your data to understand your traffic numbers and generate reports.

User Permissions

Users can be assigned to specific locations with different levels of access.

Simplify Occupancy Tracking

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